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Books available include books focusing on history of the NAB Conference and other books which are biographies or stories of faith journeys of individual NAB persons – often in leadership or missionary positions.  For a one-page listing

Published – August 2013

Congratulations to Florence Miller!

Miller-coverWe celebrate the publication of Sowing in Tears, Reaping in Joy: the Life Story of Florence Miller, Missionary to Japan.  This book is based on excerpts from Flo’s correspondence to family and friends, as well as from articles printed in NAB publications, and was edited by Luci Lengefeld, former missionary to Japan.  It gives a firsthand view of the triumphs and trials of ministering in a foreign country from the perspective of a pioneer missionary.   Learn more about the history of the NAB mission work in Japan, and about God’s grace at work in the life of this truly dedicated woman of God.  To obtain a copy, contact the NAB Heritage Commission: $15.95 plus shipping and handling (US $4.55; Canadian – $6.55)
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Life and Ministry of August Rauschenbusch, completed by Walter Rauschenbusch ,1901.  translated by Donald Madvig, 2008.


August Rauschenbusch’s autobiography shows his journey through the best education proces of the 1800’s in Germany to a life of faith as a Lutheran pastor who played a major role in the pietistic movement (a revival movement in German Lutheranism). After coming to North America he was baptized by immersion, a huge and intentional step noted by Germans around the globe, and became the first leader of the German department of Rochester Seminary and a key person in the North American Baptist Seminary.

Softcover, 234 pages.                                        $20.00


Heritage and Ministry of the North American Baptist Conference. Oakbrook Terrace, IL: North American Baptist Conference

Book cover of Woyke By Frank H. Woyke, 1979.

A classic history of the North American Baptist Conference from its early beginning in the 19th Century and ending with the progress made up to the year 1976.  It is the true story of a group of dedicated Christian believers, including both the struggles and challenges, but most importantly the victories and growth both in North America and on foreign mission fields.

This hardcover book is divided into five sections: 1) the Beginnings: 1839-1865; 2) Institutional Development and Further Growth: 1866-1889; 3) Growth in a Period of Change: 1890-918; 4) a Period of Transition: 1919-1946; 5) Recent Developments: 1946-1976.  Included in the 493 pages are 50 pages of notes/sources that Dr. Woyke used to show the authenticity of this historic piece of literature.

Dr. Woyke served for 22 years as Executive Director of the Conference and wrote this book during his retirement.

Pictures are clustered for each section.

Hardcover.  491 pages.             $30.00




They Came from East and West, a History of Immigration to Canada.

By William J. H. Sturhahn, DD. 1976

In this book, the author, who was born in Germany of second generation Baptist parents, tells the stories of many people and their immigration to Canada, covering the period of 1947-1972. With the assistance of Baptists living in Canada, refugees from Russia and Austria, living in Germany, along with German citizens, moved to Canada and the United States in search of land, freedom and security.  Of the three or more million immigrants, many became a part of North American Baptist Churches.  The Canadian Baptists were motivated by the Biblical teaching of Jesus to extend a helping hand to Christians who were oppressed and struggling in Germany. Not only were the refugees assisted in their journey to this new country, but under the leadership of  Dr. Wm Kuhn, carloads of clothes and food were sent to Germany.  In this book, the author points out how God was at work in this huge undertaking of faith and sacrifice.  The book contains pictures of people who were a part of this history. The summary and appendix contain details of numbers, and names and ages of each immigrant and the year of immigration.

Hardcover: 328 pages.  $50.00



Heroes of the Faith, Vol 1: Biographical Accounts of men and women who left rich Christian legacies to help inform and inspire those “who come behind them.”

The editors – Clarence and Dorene Walth, served NAB churches in California, Oregon and Illinois; then Clarence served as regional minister for churches in North Central States, followed by work in development at the NAB seminary in Sioux Falls and later for Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  Each article is written about a different person and is 3-10 pages in length.  Examples of stories include Henry Barnett “A Man of God”, Arthur Fischer, “A Pastor with Confidence and Humility”, George A. Lang “Glimpses of His Life”, Gustaf Schunke “First Church Planter in the West” and Rose K. Wolff, “A Pioneer woman of Deep faith”.  There are 21 stories of faith journeys in this volume.

Softcover.  107 pages.  $10.00


Heroes of the Faith, Vol 2: biographical accounts of men and women who left rich Christian legacies to help inform and inspire those “who come behind them.”

Edited by Clarence and Dorene Walth.The editors – Clarence and Dorene Walth, served NAB churches in California, Oregon and Illinois; then Clarence served as regional minister for churches in North Central States, followed by work in development at the NAB seminary in Sioux Falls and later for Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  Each article is written about a different person and is 3-10 pages in length.  Examples of stories include: Edward Arthur Kopf – Friendly neighborhood pastor; Edwin C. Kern – cultural bridge-builder; Jacob C. and Irene Gunst – from sod house to mansions in heaven; Pastor Daniel Fuchs the acorn that became an oak; and Dr. Martin Leuschner – Christian editor living at a fast pace.

Softcover. 175 pages.   $10.00


Love them for me Laura.

By Edward Hughes. 1980s.

Edward Hughes was an NAB pastor in Winnipeg who felt God’s call to help Laura Redding write a book of her experiences in Cameroon (1938-1978).  Source materials include Laura’s diary, her many letters and articles and personal interviews with Laura and others.  One aim of the book was to call young people to missionary work.

Paperback. 192 pages.  $15.00




Memories of my fifty years of service in the home missionary work of the German Baptist churches of North America. 

Translated by Donald Madvig; designed and edited by Lois Glewwe (2006)

George Schulte, author of Memories, was the first full time General Missionary Society Secretary elected in 1892.  It was originally published in the German language and translated into English by Donald H. Madvig.  In this book, Schulte shares about his fifty years of service in the home missionary work of German Baptist Churches in North America which ultimately became the North American Baptist Conference.  It includes stories of the Civil War, sentiments about American Indians, slavery, issues of immigration, and conflicts in churches.  Detailed index and 165 photos make it a valuable tool for research.  The authors purpose in writing Memories was to encourage others in the service of Jesus Christ and to bless all who would read it.

Lois Glewwe added contemporary stories of the churches that are a part of Schulte’s work.

ISBN: 0-9786504-0-9     Paperback, 180 pages 8.5”x11”  $25.00


The German Baptists in North America

By John Albert Ramaker (1924)

Cleveland, OH: German Baptist Publication Society.

Written in German by Albert J. Ramaker, professor in the German Department, Rochester Theological Seminary, Rochester, NY and was published in 1924 and later translated to the English language.  Except for a small group of Mennonites who came to America in the late 1600’s, German immigration on a larger scale began in the mid 1700’s.

Konrad A. Fleischmann, one of the earliest pastors of a Baptist Church, is said to have done more than any other man in organizing the German Baptists in those early days.  He was the first editor of the “Sendbote”.  This book has stories of several other missionaries and pastors who were dedicated to preaching the gospel.

The founding of orphanages, old peoples’ homes, a girls home, women’s missionary societies and young people’s societies, and Sunday Schools and foreign missions became an important part of the lives of these German Baptists as they migrated from the east coast to other parts of the U.S. and Canada.  Included is a quiz in the back of the book.

The first book in English, detailing the history of the beginnings and progress of NAB work.

Hardcover, 126 pages 5”x7”, “Gently used.”        $20.00


These Glorious Years. The Centenary History of German Baptists in North America 1843-1943.

Edited by Herman Von Berg.

This is the record of 100 years – 1843 to 1943 – of history of German Baptists of North America.  Contributing authors include William Kuhn, A. J. Ramaker, Arthur A. Shade, Charles F. Zummach, F. W. C. Meyer, Martin L. Leuschner, Milton R. Schroeder, Otto E. Krueger, Mrs. H. G. Dymmel, Paull Wengel, Frank Kaiser and R. P. Jeschke.  Each of the 13 chapters has a different subject and a different author.  Black and white photos are scattered throughout the book, adding to the interest.

Hardcover 262 pages 6”x8.5”     $40.00


Growing up with Grandpa.

By Bert Itterman (2006)

Sioux Falls, SD.  Pine Hill Press

Beginning with Bert’s travel by ship with his parents and siblings from Germany to Canada when he was only eight months old.

In a delightful and often humorous manner,  Bert relates stories about his family life to his grandchildren.  These twenty-three chapters are a great read when one needs a change from the more “heavy stuff”. At the same time and in a wonderful way, Bert shares about life in his growing up years. Many photos add to the interest of this real life story.

Paperback, 99 pages 6’ x 9’       $10.00


Alfred Saker, Missionary to Africa

Alfred SakerA biography by Edward Bean Underhill, LLD. London. The Carey Kingsgate Press.  First published 1884.

This is an inspiring biography of Alfred Saker who wished to be known only as a “Missionary to Africa.”  Born in England in 1814, he was seen as “a weakly babe”, and in the opinion of the old nurse “was not worth rearing.”

However, God had plans for him and in 1843 he sailed to Africa to begin his missionary service there.  The trials and testings that Mr. Saker and other Christian believers experienced did not keep them from continuing to share with the people of Africa about salvation through Jesus Christ.  At the end of his life, Mr. Saker is remembered as saying, “Oh that I had another life to go out there” (to Africa). Thus ends the story of this man who in March 1880, as the book relates, “A sweet smile passed over the pallid, worn face as the ministering angels bore his spirit to the presence of his Lord.”
Softcover, 192 pages.                   $15.00


Stretch Grandpa Stretch

By Gilbert Schneider

This is a delightful book, written by Gilbert D. Schneider, about his many experiences with his four grandchildren.  In the preface he states “Clearly, many grandparents believe as I do that we receive a priceless gift when a grandchild invades our space.”  The illustrations in this 90 page paperback are done by cartoonist Sharon Aebi.  Gilbert Schneider went to Cameroon, West Africa , as a missionary in 1947.  In a humorous fashion, he writes of incidents relating to various meanings of the word “stretch”.

My Favorite African Recipes

This 42 page paperback is a collection of African recipes put together by Mildred Schneider, wife of Gilbert Schneider, during her 15-year stay in Cameroon.  (The Schneiders were the first missionaries, along with Laura Redding at the Bamenda New Hope Settlement for lepers in Cameroon, West Africa).   Along with the food for physical strength, this recipe book adds a dimension of Cameroon folk wisdom to our understanding and insight.  The reader will enjoy both reading and sampling these tasty, nutritious treats.

Paperback, 42 pages     $5.00


You who have Dreams

By Edward B. Link, 2007.

You Who Have DreamsThis is the life story of Emil Peter Wahl, founder of Taylor University College and Seminary and Salem Manor nursing home.

The story begins in Emery, South Dakota in about the year 1909.  Emil Wahl’s parents had emigrated from southern Russia and settled in the Plum Creek area near Emery, SD where they homesteaded and also opened a store in the town of Emery.  The book continues with the family moving to North Dakota, Emil attending Rochester Seminary, his marriage, his acceptance of the challenge  from a fellow student to do pastoral work in Canada, his role as mission secretary of the Northern Conference, and the founding of seven churches.

In 1939 he became the founder of the Christian Training Institute, known as CTI.  After his many years of Christian services, he was considered untiring in his retirement years.  The author  describes Mr. Wahl as a “Dreamer and Doer”  who left his mark on many individuals and institutions for the greater glory of God.

Paperback.  154 pages              $25.00


200 Sweet Truths

This 48 page paperback is a celebration of wisdom, collected by Mildred and Gilbert Schneider during their years as missionaries in Cameroon.  These 200 proverbs are presented in Pidgin English because that is the language in which each “sweet truth” was presented to them.  The Schneiders have translated them into English, noting that at times it is difficult to capture the rich flavor of the African idiom in translation.  A word guide to the proverbs is included; also included is a Pidgin English pronunciation guide and vocabulary helps.

Paperback, 48 pages         $ 5.00