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The Main Shelves of the Cameroon Mission History Collection at the North American Baptist Heritage Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA.

Click on Appendix-1 for background  about this Collection which  is primarily about the ministry of North American Baptist (NAB) missionaries during 1891-1975 (start of NAB mission in Cameroon to the turning of mission properties to the Cameroon Baptist Convention).

(Catalog, Appendixes, Indexes)

CATALOG – Published Materials

Catalog Section A:      Books
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Catalog Section B:      Pamphlets
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Catalog Section C:      Academic Papers 
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Catalog Section D:     Periodical/Magazine Articles
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Catalog Section E:      Newspaper Articles
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Catalog SectionF:      Historical Web Pages and E-Newsletters
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CATALOG – Unpublished Internal Documents

Catalog Section G:  NAB Cameroon Baptist Mission Annual Field Reports
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Catalog Sections H-Q:  Restricted to persons authorized by the NAB Heritage Commission Executive Committee
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 Catalog Section R:  Maps, Posters, etc.
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Catalog Section S: Photographs, 35mm Slides & Film Strips
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 Catalog Section T.  Audio Cassettes, 8 & 16 mm Movie Films, VHS Videos, CDs and DVDs
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 Catalog Section U.  Paintings Depicting Cameroon Life
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 Catalog Section V.  Artifacts from Cameroon
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Appendix-1:  Background:Purpose, Introduction, Categories, and Activities/Objectives

Appendix 2:  Finding Aid suggestions
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Index-1:  Authors of Books, Pamphlets, Academic Papers, and Periodical Articles

Index 2:  Authors of Correspondence
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