Periodicals are the serials published by the German Baptist Publication Society, Roger Williams Press, or the NAB Conference office. The NAB Heritage Center has  some additional periodicals which were only printed for a few years and have not been cataloged elsewhere.  For most of these periodicals, the NAB Heritage Center has a complete or nearly complete series.  See “how you can help” for a listing of periodicals we need and which older long-time NAB members may still possess.


Annual: North American Baptist General Conference 1946-1966*
Baptist Herald 1923-1995                 
Broadcast 1944-1971*
Bundeskonferenz (1851-1942)
Der Sendbote 1853-1971
Der Wegeweister (1906-1968)
Every Sunday Bulletin (1947-1950, 1990-1995)
Heritage Horizons (1992-present)
Lektions Blatter (1889-1978)
Moments with God 1965-1995 –some missing)
NAB Association and Conference Reports 1943-1991)
NAB News (1969-1995)
NAB Statistics and Minutes 1992-2004
NAB Today (1996-2008)
Vereins Herold (1889-1918)
Women’s Missionary Union Packets 1950-1976
Youth Compass (1946-1963)

*These periodicals have been scanned and are searchable by Heritage Commission staff.